Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle Pride Parade 2011

One last catch-up post until I'm finally current! This happened about two weeks ago, on the streets of downtown Seattle. It was my first year attending for some reason, and it was a beautiful day and great event.

People getting ready all along 4th Ave.

Drag MCs.

Lets play dress up!

The parade begins with 'Dykes on Bikes', lesbians on motorcycles making as much noise as possible.

The pride flag.

I'll be honest, these drag costumes are a bit creepy.

Carrying the huge pride flag through the streets and collecting donations.

Microsoft was one of the many companies with employee groups in the parade. (Amazon, Starbucks, PCC and etc)

I feel like I should learn to stilt walk...


The purpose of closets.

The leather and whips crowd.

Naked bikers, just like the earlier Solstice Parade.

I don't know what this is supposed to be but I like the colors!

Oh no, gay socialists! Haha...

The Space Needle.

Not only did this float seem to have the best dance party, they had a water slide!

Transsexuals represent.

Me with some beads.

More drag.

The goth group.

Coolest outfit and bike evAr.

SE-Asian group.

Support love.

The unicorn group. Don't ask, I don't know!

Outfits made of recycling.

The streets of downtown filled with crowds and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Planned Parenthood group.

Seattle Police.

What a lovely day!

The giant Equality flag.

More of the downtown. This parade was LONG!

And finally the Space Needle with the Pride flag, which I guess the event organizers had to pay $50,000 to have put up, something I find pretty absurd.

This was just two days after the state of New York legalized same-sex marriage, so the energy levels were fantastic.  Combine that with the federal appeals court ruling just a few days ago that 'don't ask don't tell' was unconstitutional, and you have a good month for equal rights. Party on.