Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day at the Fremont Solstice Parade

A little more catchup here, this event took place June 18th (before my last post actually, oops).  It is a fantastic annual parade here in Seattle and one I go to every year. 

Ok, so this picture is actually from the day before, I just wanted to post it.  I took this from I5 heading northbound. Such a pretty city :)

So, the parade! Every year it begins with an ever-growing group of painted, naked bike riders. The weather wasn't perfect, but that's life in the northwest! It didn't seem to keep anyone from coming to the parade, as crowds seemed as large as ever.

And then the official start of the parade.

I didn't know it at the time, but a friend of mine was in this group!


A giant dung beetle.


Stilt walkers.

The giant ball.

A cool octopus.

This was a critique of capitalism, in paper mache form!


Flying Spaghetti Monster.

More dancers.

And the end, with clean-up right behind. It's all so orderly.

After the parade we went into the actual festival area for food and to wander around.

Me wearing a mask.  This thing was awful to wear, you were almost blind! No the best thing for wandering in crowds. 

Part of the festival is an art-car show,  which has fun things every year.

One of my favorites.

Great work on the car, but the driver was dressed as a clown and really creepy!

Da Ride indeed.

I wonder what it's name is?

Campers are not spared.

This car actually showed up at the Greenwood Car Show the next weekend.

The famous Fremont Rocket Ship.

At my friends house to watch the soccer game.

Hanging out on the roof watching the world go by.

And finally, music in the evening.