Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prepare for takeoff!

First of all, let me say welcome to my new travel blog!
This is where I will be documenting my travels through southeast Asia and India over the next 4 months or so, through my writing, photos and probably the occasional video. I can't make any guarantees, but depending on the availability of internet access and time to post, I hope to be updating this blog weekly and maybe more, so check back often.

Also, I want to say thank you to the friends and family members who are all incredibly supportive of my going on this trip, have offered advice and encouragement, as well as a special thanks to dad for living at my place while I am gone. My trip wouldn't be possible without all this help.

The plan so far:

This trip is all about seeing new places, exploring the world with friends and having the flexibility to go wherever and do whatever seems interesting and exciting in the moment. I expect my travels to take me to a mixture of big cities, rural villages and into the wilderness. I am traveling with one-way tickets for maximum flexibility, and a backpack to carry all my belongings. My schedule is not set in stone (other than  my departure date), but here is a rough outline of the plan thus far:

- November 15th I leave Seattle on my way to Manila, Philippines where I will spend three weeks solo.
- December 4th, I expect to meet with friends Nick and Ellen in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, where we will spend about two weeks.
- Mid-December, we will fly to Bangkok, Thailand and spend the holidays on the beach. Maybe visit Vietman and/or Laos in this period?
- Mid-January, my friend Brendan will be joining us in Thailand.
- Early February I will fly to Delhi, India to meet with my friend Sazzy, attend his cousins wedding, and travel with him for about two weeks. When Sazzy leaves, I hope to spend another two weeks solo, with an eye towards Sikkim, tucked between Nepal and Bhutan in the Himalayas.
- After a month in India, I expect to fly back to southeast Asia and regroup with Brenden, Nick & Ellen, or maybe all of them. Not sure where I'll be headed at that point as it depends on many factors, but I would love to go to Indonesia and Malaysia.
- At this point, I'll be at my 4-month mark, and expect to return home to Seattle.

My departure flight, with an overnight layover in Seoul. This was necessary to avoid landing in Manila at 11pm. I hope I can get out of the airport and spend an evening in Seoul, rather than just sitting at the gate.

On Friday, I went to the doctor and got my immunization shots and pills, as well preparing for what I expect is the inevitable scourge of 'travelers diarrhea'. (just being honest here!)

In order to ease my work keeping up this travel blog, as well as research on the go, I bought and am bringing a netbook (2.8 pound 10" mini laptop computer) and my trusty digital camera. Everyone says to pack as light as possible, but this will be my one luxury item.

The very beginning the packing process. Luckily Nick and Ellen are in the area already and have been able to provide some useful advice on what I'll need (which boils down to 'pack light, anything you end up needing is cheaper to buy here anyways.')

So, that is it for now, please feel free to share my blog with any friends and family I may have missed, and remember to check back for updates!