Monday, November 15, 2010

"Now Boarding for Manila"

Tomorrow is the day I set off for what I hope to be one hell of an adventure.

Despite the many things on my agenda to get ready, this weekend has been surprisingly laid back. Between all the errand running, I've had time to visit so many of you friends and family members, all giving me your best wishes. The support and words of encouragement from all of you have been wonderful.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures while shopping and visiting friends yesterday, but Kevin and Jamie made me a wonderful lunch at their new place, and I have to give a shout-out to Graham for the party last night!

Mom and dad came over this morning to help me with some final preparations and to say goodbye.

Visiting with Sazzy and Kevin. Sazzy, see you in India, looking forward to it!

And finally, this evening Brendan, Sam and Noel came by to get some grub (Ballard Brothers) and take a sauna, which felt amazing. Brendan, see you somewhere in southeast Asia in January! 

And here is every single item I am bringing with me. It consists of my big backpack and day pack, short and long sleeve button up shirts, lightweight fleece and rain shell, one pair of zip-off pants, short and long sleeve t-
shirt type shirts, four pairs of undies, two socks, bandanna, beanie, small towel, swim shorts, sleeping sack, toiletries, laptop, bug net, hard camera case and camera, toilet paper stash, bug hat, bag of goodies, money belt, sunglasses, baseball hat, book, and sandals.

I feel like I may have too much stuff, but I just don't know what I'd cut right now. Talking to Nick, he was saying how much he wished he had a 20 pound pack, and I weighed mine at nearly 30!  The heaviest parts are the packs themselves (about 1/3 of my total weight!), and my toiletries bag. Well, I guess I'll just have to see how it goes and maybe mail some things home if I discover I won't need them. 

Now, I'm just getting ready for the last night in my bed for quite a while, making sure the place is ready to leave, and getting some quality time with my cats. I will say, they certainly know that something is going on, and I will miss them. Aww. Anyways, tomorrow I'll get up, probably well before the alarm I set, do the final preparations, and then Brendan will be giving me a ride to the airport. (Thanks Brendan!)

My next post will be from the Philippines in a few days, so stay tuned!

(just checked the weather in Manila, 87 degrees)